How you can help: Small Business

Small businesses and organizations can get involved by hosting a Prototype Open Swim from any time from September to December 2017. This Open Swim is roughly an 8 hour commitment, 1-2 days a month, where Prototype members can make reservations on your equipment under the supervision of an experienced volunteer. (To use your equipment, members will have signed the Prototype membership waiver and your business will be listed as a site under our general liability insurance.)

How you can help: Individuals

Individuals can get involved through donations of time, talent, or treasure. We are specifically seeking volunteers to staff  open swim hours, schedule upcoming events, and help market our mission.

We are also currently accepting donated equipment, monetary contributions, and new memberships. Your monetary contributions will continue to support Prototype instructors’ honorariums, equipment procurement, maintenance and repairs, and materials for upcoming classes. Your contributions will also help support the procurement of our next large piece of equipment - an industry-standard laser cutter.

The city is our makerspace.

Pittsburgh has an immense maker ecosystem. Prototype is one of many roots. We understand this rhizomatic community across physical spaces, disciplines, and neighborhoods.

In the future, we envision a Prototype membership that provides you with access to the incredible array of organizations and resources that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Part of the Prototype mission is an expansion of our Open Swim hours. Similar to open studio, Open Swim hours are 8 hour chunks where Prototype members and non-members (for $5 per day drop-in fee) can come in to work and utilize tools. During these hours, maker experts are on hand to lend their expertise to anyone who stops by.

We originally planned for this expansion of Open Swim hours to be saved for Prototype coming out of hiatus. The news of TechShop Pittsburgh has sped up our timeline.

Now, we’re looking for people who can share their time, tools, space, expertise, etc. to ensure the health of Pittsburgh’s maker community. For other ways to help, you can check out our donation and membership page.