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Incubator Program

One of Prototype PGH’s missions is to build racial and gender equity in entrepreneurship, and we are embarking on a new prototype to help achieve this goal.

For $75 dollars, we will be offering business incubation services for one year, including:

  • 24/7 access to Prototype, including all tools and equipment

  • Personalized desk and storage equipment at Prototype

  • Access to all of our workshops, as well as specialized leadership seminars

  • Personalized mentorship from our officers and board members

  • Access to our professional network for support, mentoring, and outreach

Candidates must:

  • Be aspiring female entrepreneurs

  • Have an annual income of <$100,000

  • Have little to no experience in starting or running a business

Diverse candidates encouraged to apply!

Interested? Email a description of your business, including website and social media information. Deadline to apply is December 1st.