Meet our team


Bryanna Johnson
Operations Manager


Bryanna grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University. As an AmeriCorps community organizer at Rutgers, Bryanna was responsible for planning and executing multiple sexual violence awareness and education programs on campus. Bryanna has experience in marketing and project management at a multicultural marketing agency and as a coach for several women’s sports teams. As Operations Manager at Prototype PGH, Bryanna is committed to increasing gender equity in the growing tech and entrepreneurial sectors.


Erin Gatz
CEO & Founder


Erin grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Brashear High School in 2005. She has a Master's degree in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education from the University of Toronto and is a staff member at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. Erin co-founded the PGH Zine Fair in 2011 and is a founding DJ with YASS QUEEN dance party since 2016.

Louise Larson
CEO & Founder


Louise believes in the transformative power of making things—a central theme in her work as a maker and educator. Louise teaches an interdisciplinary approach to digital fabrication at Carnegie Mellon University, where she is pursuing a Master's Degree in Design. She is also an amateur powerlifter, sewist, and dog person who loves to talk about the future of the internet. Ask her about growing up in Montana sometime.

What we are reading

If you are interested in intersectional feminism, there are a ton of amazing reading lists and recommendations online. Below is a list of what we are currently reading.

  • with any luck i'll drive a truck
  • five monkeys go trick or treating
  • dump trucks
  • big rig
  • the going to bed book